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Each of our jewelry design hold special meaning. Whether it is the color, symbol or stone, artist Jennifer Vasilakos keeps meaning and symbolism at the heart of each handcrafted design.


Symbols and semi-precious stones are creatively combined together to design a piece that is not only artistically stunning, but also one that speaks to your heart, soul, and truth. 



Ancient in their beauty and truth, when spotting a dragonfly, good luck is on its way. Symbolic of new beginnings, dragonflies reflect the belief that life is to be lived to the fullest.

Lotus Flower

"Breath of Life"
The lotus flower guides us through past challenges and into a brighter day. It inspired a faith in life and a clear path towards achievement and enlightenment. 

The Moon

The energy of the moon is intuitive and associated with clairvoyance, knowing without thinking. It is to state your universal intention, use your intuition, and go with what you feel is for the greater good.


Angels guard and protect us always, appearing in many forms; in spirit when you can sense them, and as loved ones and friends who guide us toward our truest path.

Eye of Protection

Also known as Evil Eye or Lucky Eye, this is an ancient, old world symbol representing protection against any negativity from the outside world.

The Sun

The sun is representative of music and healing. It is symbolic of the cycle of life, power and the higher self.


The hummingbird is a symbol of happiness and joy, and of all good things that exist. It is said that a hummingbird will appear out of nowhere and will spread happiness and joy into the lives of those it passes.


Greek Inspired Jewelry

This ancient greek philosophy focuses on the study of logic, existence, and "the nature of truth."

The Owl

In greek mythology, the owl is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

Bumble Bee

The bumble bee is symbolic of the sweetness of life.



Stone of Successful Love

Emerald is a stone of inspiration, as it opens and nurtures the heart. It brings freshness and vitality to the spirit.


The ruby encourages a profound sense of independence. It brings one back to reality, supports your goals and dreams.


The moonstone is the stone of inner strength and growth.


Chalcedony is the stone of balance of mind, body and spirit.


The amethyst brings transformation, light and love.


Garnet brings success in life and love.


Topaz is the stone of tranquility and peace.


The pearl represents integrity, wisdom, and nurturing. 


Peridot is the visionary stone, bringing growth and protection.


The quartz stone balance, clarity,  energy, and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Amethyst Starburst Necklace.jpeg


Gold Halo CZ Ring, Pave Earring_edited.jpg

The metals used throughout each design are authentic high quality, and stamped.

Pure Gold

As the epitome of opulence, pure gold contains 99.9% gold, presenting the highest level of purity. Revered for its rich, deep color and timeless allure, pure gold is often used for investment-grade pieces and symbolic jewelry, embodying the essence of luxury and prestige.

10K Gold

Crafted with a composition of 41.7% pure gold, 10K gold offers a durable option for jewelry. Known for its strength and resilience, this alloy is well-suited for everyday wear, making it a practical choice without compromising on elegance.

14K Gold

A blend of 58.3% pure gold, 14K gold strikes a harmonious balance between durability and luxurious aesthetics. Renowned for its radiant warmth, this gold alloy is a popular choice for fine jewelry, ensuring both enduring beauty and lasting wearability.

18K Vermeil Gold

Vermeil gold is a 19th century, French word describing the process of 925 Sterling Silver is dipped in 14K or 18K Gold.

925 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver retains is lustrous appearance, is durable and high quality. 925 refers to the compound that makes sterling silver, which includes a percentage of other metals to increase the durability.


Descovered in 1803, Rhodium is found in Platinum ores, melted down and used to coat sterling silver. This process strengthens and keeps the silver shiny by preventing it from tarnishing.

It is most commonly used when changing yellow gold to white gold in wedding rings and high quality jewelry

Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Crytal is a high quality, precision cut, lead glass crystal made from quartz, sand and minerals. It is famously known began in Austría in 1892.

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