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butterfly necklace


Join us in this journey where artistry meets purpose, and let each meticulously crafted piece resonate with the unique story that is yours to tell.

Welcome to Chrysalis Bleu, where the artistry of handmade jewelry meets personal symbolism in an elegant fusion of craftsmanship and meaning. Our collection of necklaces, rings and earrings transcends the ordinary, each piece carrying a distinctive narrative through color, symbols, and stones. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to craftsmanship, I merge charmed symbols with semi-precious stones to create pieces that are not only artistically captivating but also deeply meaningful.

Among our most cherished symbols are dragonflies, lotus flowers, moons, and angels—each carrying its own profound significance. Paired with classic stones such as blue topaz, peridot, garnet, chalcedony, and amethyst, our designs are a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and personal meaning.


Every piece at Chrysalis Bleu is a testament to the belief that what we choose to wear contributes to the narrative of our lives, reflecting who we are and empowering us to become who we aspire to be. 


I am Jennifer, the artist and creative force behind each meticulously designed piece, and I invite you to explore our world—a realm where high-end sophistication intertwines with the profound significance of symbols and stones.

As an art major with a deep passion for oil painting, my artistic journey took a transformative turn during my studies in Italy. The vibrant colors of Italy ignited a new creative spark within me, leading to the inception of Chrysalis Bleu. Early on, I discovered the joy of crafting jewelry—a medium that allowed me to channel my creativity and share meaningful expressions of art with friends and family.

In tandem with my artistic evolution, my exploration of yoga and meditation became integral to my life. These practices influenced and shaped my conscious mindset, finding their way into the very fabric of my designs. I firmly believe that the choices we make in adorning ourselves go beyond mere aesthetics; they serve as reflections of our identity and aspirations.

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Jennifer Vasilakos

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