Amethyst * Dragonfly Necklace


This handcrafted dragonfly is dipped in 14 karat gold over sterling silver. It sits on a beautiful Chalcedony, semi-precious stone representing the balance of mind, body and spirit.  You can choose any of the stone options you resonate the most with. The artist choses carefully her chains so that the full design carries through her artistic expression. The chain is an Italian, classic Figaro vermeil gold chain. It is lightweight, yet strong and durable. Dragonflies represent new beginnings and when wearing this design you can count on the support of this belief being close to your heart.



DRAGONFLY Ancient in their beauty and truth,
when spotting a dragonfly,
good luck is on its way.
Symbolic of new beginnings, dragonflies reflect
life is to be lived to the fullest.

Semi-precious Stone, Vermeil Gold (18k over Sterling Silver) Pendant

Cubic Zirconia & Swarovski Crystal Artist Details

Italian, Sterling Silver 925 (Rhodium-plated) or Vermeil Gold (18K over Sterling Silver) Chain


Additional information

Chain Length

16", 18", 20"

Chain Style

Italian, Vermeil Gold (18K over Sterling Silver) Chain

Semi-Precious Stone

AMETHYST: Protection & Transformation, CHALCEDONY: Creativity & Balance, GREEN ONYX: Positivity & Prosperity


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