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* Semi-precious Stone
* 925 Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia Pendant 
* Swarovski Crystal Artist Detail by Jennifer Vasilakos
* 925 Sterling Silver/Rhodium or Two-tone Vermeil Gold, Moon-cut Faceted     Round Beaded Chain

Tiny Dragonfly * Moon Wish Necklace

Choose Your Chain Length
Choose Your Material
Choose Your Semi-Precious Stone
  • DRAGONFLY Ancient in their beauty and truth, when spotting a dragonfly, good luck is on its way.  Symbolic of new beginnings, dragonflies reflect life to be lived to the fullest. 


    MOON The energy of the moon is intuitive and associated with clairvoyance; knowing without thinking. It is to trust and follow your intuition and simply go with what you feel for your greater good.