How Chrysalis Bleu,
fine handmade jewelry began...

A Bit About Me

Early on I was creative, an art major in college and a devoted oil painter. I studied fine art in Italy and the colors of Italy were incredibly inspiring. Sometime around then, I started making jewelry.

I really enjoyed how I could be creative and also gift friends and family and see how much they enjoyed wearing my designs. At the same time, I got more involved into yoga practice and meditation and started to apply what I valued about being a conscious minded person into my designs.

I believe what we chose to surround our lives in, not only reflects who we are but also supports and brings out, who we want to be. Something as simple as jewelry plays a significant part of this reflection.

My necklace and earring designs carry special meaning.

Whether it is the color, symbol or stone they say something special. Creatively, I combine charmed symbols and semi-precious stones together to design the perfect necklace for the wearer.

Dragonflies, lotus flowers, moons and angels are some of my most prominent symbols. Blue topaz, peridot, garnet, chalcedony and amethyst are some of the most beautiful, classic stones that also hold meaning. Combined together, I create something not only artistically beautiful but also meaningful.


Jennifer Vasilakos

Jennifer Vasilakos